The E-Marketing Mix

Everyone has heard of the marketing mix. A 4-P classification used to describe the elements that make up a complete marketing program; product, price, place and promotion.

A newer and less used term, the e-marketing mix, is often interpreted as the transfer of the 4-P marketing mix to an online landscape.

In reality; however, the fast pace at which technology has progressed and the evolution of business online has made any former interpretation of the e-marketing mix outdated. Today companies must adapt to new technologies and develop new marketing and product development processes to keep pace with competition and keep in touch with their target markets. While ten years ago ‘having an online presence’ may not have been high priority for many organizations, the view of the online world has clearly changed. Online media has undoubtedly altered the way we do and think about business, and will continue to push us to stay up to date on the latest trends that affect our industry.

My interpretation of the e-marketing mix is not of something that is fixed, but rather a concept that will continually evolve and require constant attention by any company hoping to secure a market-leading position. Take mobile marketing for example; smartphones have completely changed the way we think about how to reach our customers. People can access content on demand from virtually anywhere in the world. Mobile marketing is clearly a significant element of the industry’s future and something everyone should be aware of.

This blog takes a closer look at important factors and developments that affect marketing and product development today, and those that are sure to have an impact on the way we do business going forward.


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