Socialnomics 2.0

Have a look at how many times this video has been viewed since it was posted on YouTube earlier this week and you’ll get a feel for what the social media revolution really means, and a sense of exactly what Eric Qualman is getting at with his message.   It’s clear social media is not a fad, but as it is put within the video, a “fundamental shift in the way we communicate”.  As communicators, marketers can no longer overlook this medium as a way to reach customers.


Social Media ROI: The Proof

If you haven’t seen this video yet, I definitely recommend it.  Author of “Socialnomics”, Eric Qualman, outlines some pretty amazing statistics as they relate to return on investment from social media initiatives.  He also presents a number of online marketing strategies that have each set a precedent for future attempts at using the social media landscape to reach customers in ways traditional marketing never has.