Where Do You WANT to Be Five Years From Now

The Harvard Business Review published this article last week discussing a question we’ve all undoubtedly asked ourselves, “where will I be five years from now?”.

To me though, the more important question is “where do I want to be five years from now?”.   Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, your goals are only as good as the plan you put in place to achieve them. 

Over time circumstances will change and what you once believed would be you “five years from now” may not become your reality.  Where you are five years from now will depend on the path you take to get there and the critical decisions you make along the way.  As they say, you miss 100% of the shots you never take.  It’s easy to dream big, but it take guts to make it your mission to achieve them.


The Internet and Search Engine Optimization

This weekend I came across some pretty staggering statistics regarding the state of the Internet. With internet use and information sharing more prominent than ever, search engine optimization (SEO) has become an increasingly important initiative for companies hoping to take advantage of the masses searching online.

There are many ways to improve your search engine optimization and many people claiming to know the most effective ways to do it. As an organizational decision maker it is important that you understand different techniques being used by SEO marketing professionals and what your company can do doing to improve its online positioning.

For example, we should all be aware of the differences between black hat and white hat SEO and the implications of their implementation within an online marketing strategy.

Black hat tactics, such as ‘stuffing’ Meta Tags and hiding links, tend to achieve quicker results, but are less effective long term. Search engines will look out for spammed Meta Tags and are likely to penalize those who engage in black hate SEO regularly. White hat techniques are generally free of deception and conform to search engine guidelines. While they may take more time, the long term results will have a much more positive impact on your company’s goals. A few examples of white hat tactics include; quality content, keyword research and effective keyword use and quality inbound links.

For a more full comparison of these techniques and the ethical implications of black hat SEO, click here.

It’s extremely important that you take the necessary steps to improving your company’s search rankings, but also important to remember that there ARE ways to do it without hiring a consultant. Increasing your company’s online presence can be as simple as engaging in social media platforms and creating backlinks to your corporate site. Many organizations are missing out by not engaging in social media because they don’t recognize the hidden search related benefits of being involved in the web on a wider scale.