Roll Up the Rim is Back!

Today marks day one of Tim Horton’s yearly Roll Up the Rim competition slated during periods of the year when coffee consumption is typically at it’s lowest. I thought this would be a good opportunity to re-post a piece I wrote last year on the growing perception of the contest based on online consumer reaction.  Is Tim Horton’s doing enough to keep customers interested in Roll Up the Rim to Win?

Please Play Again

Last month I blasted McDonald’s for their free coffee giveaway and praised Tim Horton’s for the brand loyalty they’ve developed, in part through their Roll Up the Rim campaign. However, just over a month into Tim Horton’s annual contest, I’m back to acknowledge the shortcomings of my initial comments.

The free flow of communication and information online have allowed consumers to have a much stronger voice when it comes to criticizing brands. No longer can companies hide from their deficiencies without feeling the wrath of harsh consumer feedback through various online channels.

Please Play Again

A search for “#TimHortons” on Twitter will quickly highlight the consumer perception of the coffee shop’s Roll Up the Rim campaign today. Many customers are clearly upset with both the success rate they’re experiencing and the quality of the prizes they receive when they do actually win.

Today, companies are forced to be more responsible for their marketing efforts, and while the online space allows for greater interaction with customers, it also comes with an open line for criticism. This is not necessarily a bad thing if brands are able to respond to feedback through positive change; however, companies unwilling to make the effort must tread carefully. If Tim Horton’s is not careful, they’ll quickly find more and more customers refusing to ‘please play again’.


4 Responses

  1. Even though “Many customers are clearly upset with both the success rate they’re experiencing and the quality of the prizes they receive when they do actually win.” Tim Horton’s is doing a great job at keeping their customers returning for more. Personally, I have bought double the amount of coffee I normally would because of the Roll Up the Rim campaign. I don’t think the lack of winning will turn customers away from “Please play again” but rather push them to actually play again, to buy another coffee.
    It’s so smart! and that’s why Tim Horton’s is celebrating their 25th Roll Up the Rim anniversary.

    • Thanks SocialMediaLove. I agree that the contest has been a significant contributor to Tim Horton’s revenue for many years and that it has kept customers coming back for more. I noticed that they’ve increased the probability of winning a prize to 1 in 6 cups (last year I believe it was 1 in 9). Maybe this move is in response to customer complaints during last year’s promotion.

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