Going Viral

What makes a video go ‘viral‘?

As defined on Wikipedia, a viral video is “one that becomes popular through the process of internet sharing”.  It is one thing to suggest your marketing department create a video, but a completely different story to expect it to gain mass popularity.  Commercials today are so easily spread through various online channels that the word viral really just means popular.

Understanding what will resonate with your customers, while still providing a clear link to what your brand is all about, can be difficult.  There’s really no secret formula to creating a video that will catch your customers’ eyes other than a strong understanding of brand identify and a creative way to communicate it. 

In the video below, Sony combined its two strengths, audio and video (using an array of vibrant colours), to create one of the most successful videos of all time.  Who wouldn’t want to see what it would look like to release thousands of bouncy balls down the streets of San Francisco?

What’s your favourite viral video?


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