History Channel on Four Square

Is anyone still convinced that location based services like Four Square have little application for marketers?  While the correct way to use the services most effectively may not be completely worked out, the potential is promising.  Time and greater use of the applications will go a long way in determining exactly how and to what extent they will be used to promote products and services going forward.

The History Channel is engaging viewers through Four Square as a way of promoting their April 25th, twelve hour television event, featuring the story of “how America was invented”.   Four Square users around the United States are encouraged to ‘check in’ to historical landmarks in their cities to unlock free tips (historical facts) and to earn a limited edition History Channel badge.  Those that participate are also entered into weekly draws to win history channel prize packages.

While it is still clearly a learning process as companies try to integrate location based services into their promotional offerings, those that work out the kinks early will more quickly determine how to connect best with their customers and reach wider audiences around the world.


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