Fiesta Farms Connects with Customers Online

Toronto Grocer Joe Virgona has taken a non-traditional approach to marketing his grocery store ‘Fiesta Farms’ with a heavy emphasis on social media and connecting with who he believes are net-savvy target customers.

With the store’s new website having only launched late in 2009, it is difficult to assess how effective the online approach will be long term.  In my opinion, Fiesta Foods is doing exactly what more small businesses need to be doing to expand their target customer groups and compete in what has become an age of big business dominance.

Known for its emphasis on providing natural and organic foods to health conscious consumers, Fiesta Foods has created an interactive online presence allowing it to display its specialist knowledge to potential customers across the Greater Toronto Area.

“More than anything else, it’s building your community”, Virgona said in a recent article published in the Globe and Mail. “But keep your site interesting or they won’t come back on.  Done correctly, it’s probably the cheapest advertising that any grocery store is going to get today.”


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