How the Online Can Benefit Small Businesses

I came across this quote on social media today that I really feel is a great representation of how small businesses can take advantage of online channels to project specialist knowledge to wider audiences of target customers:

“Taking the time and having the patience to build authentic relationships is the name of the game. You have to be out there offering helpful content and resources for free for a long time before you will develop a following. And you have to understand that of the people who follow you, only some will actually buy products or services from you. Companies have to be willing to openly engage with community members via blog comments, Twitter responses, etc. Putting your messages out there without regard to community reaction will simply not do.”   – Alexandra Levit

Small businesses have always had the advantage of specialist knowledge or capabilities that have allowed their products or services to thrive within the communities they could reach. Now, with platforms like YouTube and Twitter, specialists can share their passion and love for their craft to touch and inspire larger audiences than ever before. In the online world, customer service and real interactions are what drive the value businesses provide to their customers, and new communication channels are undoubtedly evening the playing field for the smaller players that have the foresight to take advantage of the opportunity.


2 Responses

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