Brands that Do More Than Apologize

Has the ease of mass communication online changed the meaning of the word ‘sorry’?

Too often, I find companies are using the online space as an opportunity to apologize for mistakes without really facing the music and doing something about them. When a company makes an error in judgement or a bad decision, I’d much rather hear ‘we messed up and here’s what we’re going to do about it’ than ‘sorry’, knowing full well that nothing is going to change.

The online space actually offers a pretty interesting way for organizations to reach customers and show them that they’re sorry rather than just tell them. Use the opportunity to reach a mass audience of potential and current customers to update them on progress being made to right your wrongs. Re-build your brand’s reputation and maintain a consistent dialogue with the people whose opinions of your brand are most important.

I believe the meaning of the word sorry has changed, but it’s not too late to make it mean something again.


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