Setting a Precedent: Social Media Case Studies

Yesterday I discussed the difficulties associated with implementing a social media strategy without being able to attach a specific revenue figure to your efforts.  One of the biggest issues for many corporate decision makers is putting their support behind a project without a precedent.  It’s understandable that a marketing manager be skeptical of a campaign that they don’t feel is ‘tried, tested and true’.

Entrepreneur Todd Maffin recently launched a website intended to provide marketers with the social media precedents they’ve been looking for to help justify their online marketing activities. is a database of over 300 social media case studies, searchable by numerous characteristics including, industry, demorgraphics and type of organization. The website is far from complete, but will continue to grow as more cases are added to the database.

The rapid growth of online marketing has made it difficult to track successful social media initiatives, particularly those that relate to a company’s specific scenario (demographic, industry, product type, etc…). Todd Maffin has completely altered this dynamic, providing a space that marketers can use to convince management that proposed online activities are worth the investment in resources. By finding cases that they can point to as proof of past success, marketers should have less difficulty justifying the long term benefits of engaging customers online. Now, it’s the job of marketers to set further precedents that build on these examples and continue to prove the long term viability of online customer engagement and social media marketing campaigns.


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