Justifying Social Media

Blogging is a great way for an individual or company to share their expertise in a particular field of work.   Many professionals use it as a personal branding exercise because they want to be to be viewed as experts when companies are looking to contract in their area of work.  Lawyers, for example, have embraced blogging because it acts as lead generation for potential clients.

Many companies; however, struggle to justify committing significant resources to blogging and social media strategies because they cannot connect a specific revenue tag to the efforts.  Below are just a few reasons why the long term benefits of having an online presence should easily justify the resource time required to implement these strategies effectively.

  1. Improved brand awareness among target customers
  2. The ability to drive targeted traffic to your website
  3. The opportunity to develop credibility within your industry
  4. Improved search engine rankings
  5. A potential platform for customer feedback

If management’s biggest concern is that there will be no measurable benefit to your online activities, make sure you have a process in place for proving your progress.  It is easy for a person to discredit something when it has not been tracked sufficiently. Track important metrics that link back to the above benefits to demonstrate the effectiveness of your strategy. Increasing targeted traffic to your website will undoubtedly generate revenues, but there needs to be proof that the traffic is driven by your social media efforts.


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