How Twitter Can Be an Effective Research Tool

Beyond its usefulness as a means for improving customer service, a tool like Twitter can be used to gather valuable information and in turn assess the needs of your target customers. It is important to remember that most people don’t know what they want, so asking them directly is more or less a waste of time and resources.

Instead, we must learn to ask the difficult questions that uncover the insights that will help improve the products and services that we offer. What a person likes is far less valuable than understanding what people dislike. As long as a company is willing to do something about it, negative feedback or conversation about a product will undoubtedly provide the most significant long term return.

Twitter provides a unique space for like minded individuals to connect, share information and communicate their opinions. It’s in spaces like these that we must learn to analyze conversation and determine the right questions to ask when conducting traditional market research. Conversation sparks opportunity for real opinion and the valuable insights that come with recognizing customer needs beyond those that are most obvious.

Customers can only tell you what they want based on what they recognize as possible, but its the job of a marketer to define that realm of possibility. It’s our job as marketers to get beyond the answers we already know and recognize that there are increasingly effective channels for doing so online.


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