Superbowl Social Media: Extending the Experience

For years, much of the anticipation surrounding the Superbowl (particularly for the casual fan) has related to what quirky commercials their favourite brands would broadcast to the millions of viewers watching the event. Marketers, though, have begun to realize the benefit of extending campaigns for the Superbowl beyond the one day spectacle, developing strategies that engage customers through online channels leading up to the big game.

Doritos is a great example of a company that has taken full advantage of their Superbowl spot, allowing fans to submit their own ads to be voted on by Dorito lovers around the world.  The winner of the contest will have their video aired on Superbowl Sunday (and some pretty significant financial incentives). 

Doritos’ Crash the Superbowl campaign shows how the evolution of social media and online channels have paved the way for increased consumer involvement and brand exposure. Moving forward, expect to see similar initiatives that work to extend the advantages of traditional media spend via the online world.


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