Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

If it’s not already, it’s probably something that you and your company should begin to consider. In an age where, in many cases, text messages have replaced real conversation, we must begin to embrace the reality that the mobile age is upon us. Gone are the days that we required a computer and a connection in the wall to send an e-mail or research a local restaurant, today our phones are our computers and enhancements and new developments will only continue to expand the functionalities of mobile devices.

Remember a time when everyone said that it would be critical for you to build an online presence?  Some people slowly migrated online, while many others took a wait and see approach, however; it was the people who adapted quickly and recognized the opportunity that the online landscape had to offer who really reaped the benefits.

Fast forward to today.  We have reached a point similar to that time when people were telling you how critical it was that you build an online presence, except this time we’re talking about building a mobile friendly online presence.  The iPhone and introduction of Google’s Nexus One have paved the way for further evolution and huge opportunity in the world of marketing.   Marketers must ensure that customers can easily navigate their websites from their mobile phones, without the hassle of having to resize text or scroll outside the border of the phone’s display screen.  If they don’t, they risk the chance that customers viewing their brand online become frustrated with their experience.

If you were slow to recognize the benefits of an online presence, here’s a chance to redeem yourself.  Avoid negative customer experiences, improve the visibility of your brand and take advantage of the vast opportunity that mobile marketing has presented us with.


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