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Today I had the privilege of seeing Mitch Joel speak at the annual HRPA Conference in Toronto.  Mitch is the President of Montreal based digital marketing firm, Twist Image and author of Six Pixels of Separation.  He is a well known expert in his field and provided some good insight to digital communications and how the online landscape allows people to connect with one another in ways we’ve never seen before.  

Some interesting facts from his presentation:

1.  Banner ad clicks have dropped 50% since 2007.

This does not mean that customers cannot be effectively reached online.  It does; however, mean that traditional forms of marketing may not be as effective.

2.  81% of online holiday shoppers read customer reviews online.

People have always talked, but now people have the ability to broadcast their thoughts to millions of potential customers around the world. 

3.  20% of searches made on google everyday have never been searched before.

A mind-blowing statistic.  Mitch pointed out that most companies would go crazy if they didn’t know where 20% of their business was coming from.

4.  Over half of YouTube’s audience is over 34 years of age.

Companies that think they can avoid having an online presence because their customers are older need to quickly re-evaluate.  Studies have also shown a shocking number of grandparents on Facebook as well. 

I was probably most impacted; however, by a comment Mitch made early on in his presentation.  He discussed how many people look at an evolution like the iPad and immediately begin thinking about ‘what’s next’ for Apple.  People are always looking towards the future and very easily lose track of the present and what current technologies mean to their businesses.

What’s going on now is more important than the future. 

What’s happening now will impact your business going forward and if you’re too busy thinking about how to keep pace for tomorrow, you’ll be sure to miss the boat today.


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